Sport & Nature

Sport & Nature

From Ripe to Salinello Gorges

You can reach the village of Ripe (611m) from the junction at km 17.300 of SS road 81, between the two junctions leading to Civitella del Tronto used if you come from Teramo and the junction (in loc. Villa Lempa) used if you come from Ascoli Piceno. After parking the car next to the church, climb for a few meters along an asphalt road, then turn left and take a private road closed to the traffic which immediately becomes a dirt road, and go ahead along a slight downhill trail towards Salinello Gorges.


Le Fonti del Vascello

Close to the Adriatic Coast, up on the hills in Tortoreto, there is the oasi "Le Fonti del Vascello", 3 hectares of a protected area where to find the typical flora and fauna of the Mediterranean area. Thanks to its favorable position, it is the place where a lot of kind of birds stop while migrate.

The Naturalistic- Botanical park is the habitat of a lot of different animals: water birds (mallard, the common teal, the widgeon, the common moorhen and turtles, the common carp, the eel, the swans). The flora is indeed characterized by willows, oaks, populous, common howthorn, tamarix, lilium and iris.

Established in 1988 the area is open from 06.15 to 09.15 every day, feasts included, from 9.30 to 20.30. Here it is possible to keep in touch with the nature, that is why a lot of classes come here for a visit or many choose the area for their pet-therapy activities.


Cerrano Oasi

The Cerrano Oasi is a marine protected area between Silvi Marina and Pineto. It is overlooked by a striking tower from the 16th century; today it hosts one of the quarter of the Biology Water Center by the Zooprophylactic institute of the Abruzzo and Molise (IZS A&M).

From 2009 the area was declared protected area and it is now possible to visit the amazing Mediterranean garden that surrounds it, and the Museum of the Sea, that is hosted into the tower.


Bicycle itineraries

The hills and the Adriatic coast are the ideal location for who loves the sport and above all for who loves the bicycle, because they have at their disposal a lot of itineraries.

In all the Val Vibrata there are a lot of rises and falls that allow you to visit the villages that are in this area.

You can also visit a lot of places where to taste typical abruzzesi products.

These are the itineraries that we suggest you, both if you are fit or not:

  • Alba Adriatica – Colonnella – Controguerra – Corropoli – Tortoreto Alto – Alba Adriatica (40 km)
  • Martinsicuro – Colonnella – Controguerra – Ancarano – Garrufo – Torano Nuovo – Controguerra – Alba Adriatica (55 km)
  • Tortoreto Lido – Villa Maggi – Mosciano Sant’Angelo – Bellante – Sant’Onofrio – Sant’Omero – Tortoreto Lido (70 km)
  • Giulianova – Cologna – Notaresco – Villa Zaccheo – Bellante – Tortoreto – Alba Adriatica (78 km)
  • Martinsicuro – Bonifica del Tronto – Ascoli Piceno – Civitella del Tronto – Tortoreto – Alba Adriatica (90 km)
  • Alba Adriatica - Tortoreto Lido – Civitella del Tronto – Campli – Bellante – Mosciano Sant’Angelo – Giulianova (102 km)
  • Corridoio Verde (Alba Adriatica, Tortoreto, Giulianova, Cologna Spiaggia)


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