Abruzzo in the World

Abruzzo in the World

Among the best places in the world where to live

Many researchers and experts from the USA, according to some surveys on blogs, websites, on-line magazines dedicated to the tourism and travels, it seems that the Abruzzo is among the 10 best places in the world where to live, go on holiday or retire; this is due to these criteria:

  1. The territory (hill, sea, mountain are easy to be reached);
  2. Pleasant and balanced social structure;
  3. Excellent weather;
  4. Excellent cooking;
  5. The Region is well linked thanks to the highways and rails;
  6. Life cost;
  7. Excellent health service;
  8. Lack of still mills or refineries;
  9. Its traditions;
  10. A lot of cutting edge comforts;
  11. … and much more!


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Our 3 star hospitality

  • First row on the beach

    Our hotel is on the promenade in Villa Rosa in a tourist area close to the beach.

  • The perfect place for families with children

    Our hotel is suitable for a holiday on the beach in Abruzzo with all your family.

  • Typical Regional Cooking

    At our restaurant you can taste a lot of typical dishes according to the regional cooking.

  • Hospitality & Kindness

    Choose your room according to your needs for a really relaxing holiday!

  • Comfort & Relax

    Choose your room according to your needs for a really relaxing holiday!

  • A Region to be discovered

    The Abruzzo is a Region that can offer a lot to every tourists, thanks to its clear sea, to the hills… everything deserves to be discovered!

  • Indoor Parking

    The Hotel Belvedere offers to its Guests a private parking (subject to availability) close to the hotel.

  • Swimming pool & whirlpool

    The hotel has a wonderful swimming pool where to pleasantly spend your time or simply swim.

  • Bicycle Path

    Bicycle rental service for free to enjoy rides along the bicycle path that is just in front our hotel.